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Diwali in 2020

  When is Diwali? Year Dates 2022 Oct 24, Oct 26 2021 Nov 4 2020 Nov 14, Nov 15, Nov 16 Where is Diwali observed? Place Dates Fiji Nov 16 Guyana Nov 14 India Nov 14, Nov 15, Nov 16 Kenya Nov 14 Malaysia Nov 14 Mauritius Nov 14 Myanmar Nov 14 Sri Lanka Nov 14 Suriname Nov 14 Trinidad and Tobago Nov 14 When is Diwali? The Festival of Lights is known as Deepavali (deep - lamp, vali - array). This is the name of the festival in Southern India and is how the festival is referred to in other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. In Northern India, it is more commonly known as Diwali, but they are essentially the same celebration. In these countries and for Hindus around the world, the celebration revolves around the triumph of good over evil, purity over impurity, light over darkness. It is one of the most important Hindu festivals. Traditions of Diwali Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama, who was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, from a fourteen-year exile. The Festival of Light

EDIUS, NEW in EDIUS Pro 9 and EDIUS Workgroup 9

EDIUS description Whenever an editor has to wait and pause for an NLE-system to render, recover and respond creativity suffers. EDIUS Pro 9 on the other hand offers outstanding performance even with a standard notebook. EDIUS Pro supports a multitude of formats and handles highest resolutions in real-time true to the slogan: “Edit Anything, Fast”. EDIUS Pro 9 is the perfect finishing tool for professional filmmaking including documentary and 4K-productions. NEW in EDIUS Pro 9 and EDIUS Workgroup 9 EDIUS 9 "Plus" Promotion:  Anyone purchasing EDIUS 9 from 13 September 2019 will receive a free upgrade to the next version, which is expected in 2020. Entitled are EDIUS Pro 9 or Workgroup 9 full versions as well as (Jump) upgrades from version 8 and older EDIUS versions - except for the discounted EDU versions and the Home Edition . NEW in EDIUS 9.52  ( Release Notes 1 ) ( Release Notes 2 ) EOS 1D X Mark III support Proxy Workflow with EOS C500 Mark II Extended AAF export Consiste