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Top 5 Best Companies In Data Entry Work

Data entry is storing data in electronic form. In business world, it is a great challenge to maintain highly efficient data. Earn money Accuracy and efficiency are two common things required to be a good Data Entry Operator. No extra qualifications and no age barriers for being eligible for Data Entry Services. These are the services without any Investment and Home based also. Anyone wants to earn good to spare some time from their daily chores, data entry would be the best option for them. Today you will found thousands of companies offering data entry services. Some of the shortlisted are:


Data Plus is a Data Entry Outsourcing company, specialized in providing outsourced data entry services. With data entry, they also provide document scanning, database programming, data handling, and data reporting to the people who are searching for the type of jobs.


This leading IT-BPO company has been providing a variety of data entry jobs to the seekers over the years in India and US. It is an ISO 9001 certified data entry company. This global data entry services provider uses the best OCR and ICR technology to provide the clients with highly accurate data. According to the company, it provides 99% of accurate data over the world. ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications are well depicts the standard with which they provides the data. So INVENSIS is one of the best company to work with. Company provides the services of Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Document Data Entry, Copy Paste Data Entry, Invoice and Billing Data Entry, Product Data Entry, Application Forms Data Entry, Document Management and Electronic Document Management are jobs timely offered by INVENSIS.

3.AXION: -

AXION is also one of the top companies to provide the data entry jobs. In order to provide client with accurate data, AXION uses Re-Key Verification and Field Validation processes.  All the data entry operators work from home and they are impendent contractors with own computer equipment and softwares. To work with AXION, basic computer skills are required.


Lake Data Center is a data entry service company in the US, A data entry provider for companies in Cleveland and North America. Data Entry and Processing services including various kinds of database entry, forms creation and document conversion are the services provided by the Lake Data Center.


This Company provides both government as well as private services. Scanning and Indexing, Form Processing, Image Conversion, Survey Data Capture and Data Entry are the the services provided by the STATCO. They provide complete data processing services like Data Entry Form Preparation, manual Data Entry, Database Production, and Automated Data Capture.

These are the some topmost to work with as a Data Entry Operator. Data Entry Jobs are increasing day by day with digitalization. All you need is little knowledge of various MS tools like spreadsheets, word, databases with promptness, speed and focus. This type of competency will held you meet customer requirements and earn handsome income.

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